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  • Door-to-door Delivery

    We offer a door-to-door delivery and unloading service to our key account clients considering the value of their time & resources. Our delivery fleet consists of Vehicles with 50 Quintals, 90 Quintals and 110 quintals capacity. We will be adding 200 quintal loaders in Tahesas of FY2006. Due to the added costs associated, delivery fees will be assessed separately when product prices are assessed on a Factory Gate basis. Delivery services are offered everywhere in Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Shashemene, Dessie, Bahirdar, Deredewa, Harer, Jigiga, Asosa, Mekele & Jimma and the surrounding areas within a 15Kilometer range from City boarders.

  • Credit Service

    To offer relief and convenience to our customers‟ finances & payment processing, we offer short-term privileges to our key account clients with credit limits ranging from 50,000 to 450,000ETB. Credit Cycles (Repayment period) is also very flexible to accommodate varied needs. Credit applications may be approved for 15-day and 30-day cycles. *It is to be noted that some restrictions on products, discounts and/or promotional offers for credit transactions approved for 30-day cycles.

  • Laboratory Services

    We take great pride in our fully equipped laboratory that has a full range of capabilities that are not common with manufacturers throughout the country. Our Quality Management Department which operates our laboratory is staffed with over a dozen professionals who in concert, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from Food Chemistry, Food Technology, Postharvest Science & Micro-biology. Currently, KFSC is re-organizing its Quality department to add an independent R&D unit which will be fully dedicated to developing new products and optimizing specifications.

    Our Laboratory is capable of conducting a full analysis on our products and/or raw materials upon request free of charge. Laboratory Analysis services including micro-biology scans are also offered for other products for a minimal fee.

  • Workshop Services

    Workshop services description....

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