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    Knick Knack, animal shaped biscuits in a pouch packaging is an original design introduced to the Ethiopian Biscuit Market by KFSC. Knick Knack was originally offered in a lemon flavor over a decade ago and remained a favorite amongst small children (Ages 2-6) as it made snack time, play time. In 2005, KFSC redesigned Knick Knack in Orange and Chocolate flavors and enhanced the quality and appeal of the packing to meet the ever growing demand of young people for excitement. In FY2006, our market survey indicated that Knick Knack Biscuits were equally enjoyed by older children (Ages 6-14) and were even sold at public events and Cinemas catering to young adults. This growing popularity across various age groups is associated with the superior quality of both the packaging and the product.


    Tik Tak Cream Sandwich Biscuits were launched in four flavors in FY2005 and were received very well by the market. Upon launching, the forecasted sales were 65% below the actual sales so we have had to struggle to keep them in stock by the end of the fiscal year. Considering our positive trend, we are prepared this year to increase our production of Tik Tak by 100% from FY2005 and are preparing to launch a new flavor to capture the interest every taste bud. Tik Tak Biscuits are most popular amongst Children & Teenagers between the ages of 10 and 18. The Chocolate flavor remains our best seller since launching, Orange & Strawberry follow along and Vanilla remains the safest choice for consumers who have a hard time choosing from the assortment. Mango, after its launching in mid-year FY2006, is expected to rival Chocolate for the top seller position.


    Building up on the success of the Tik Tak Collection, KFSC will be launching Zion Cream Fasting Biscuits in FY2006. Zion is identical to Tik Tak Biscuits except that it is made 100% free of animal products which makes it 100% Vegan. We developed Zion to satisfy the sweet tooth of our fans during lent season. Because demand for Biscuits is generally low amongst people who fast, we have decide to make Zion in one universal flavor, a fruit cocktail named „Spritz‟. The most exciting feature for Zion is that although it is made as a fasting Biscuit, it tastes just as good as non-fasting Biscuits so it sure to generate demand even from consumers who are not fasting.


    With a price-point of 1Birr or less delivered to the consumer, Kiddy Biscuits have been favored in the market primarily for their price value. Kiddy Biscuits are hard dough biscuits that have the numbers 1-10 stamped on each piece in the package. Aside from being a sweet treat, they offer some entertainment for Children.


    KFSC‟s Glucose Biscuits are immediately differentiated from other Brands made with Glucose syrup first and foremost by the high-quality packaging which offers a design that is most inspiring to children. Secondly, KFSC‟s Glucose Milk & Honey Biscuit recipe uses a fair proportion of Glucose Syrup which adds a strong and overpowering flavor that normally turns the consumer off after a few bites. Our colorful packaging and perfect recipe coupled with low prices have contributed to growing sales volumes year after year.


    The name captures, perfectly the essence of this elegant Biscuit product. Tea Time Biscuits are true to the original French Pettit Buerre recipe while remaining acceptable to Ethiopian taste buds. Tea Time Biscuits are packaged in beautifully with high quality film and a classic graphic design featuring a tea party. The growing adult fan base has inspired us to launch R&D initiatives to explore the means of packaging Tea Time in a family size unit which will be ideal to serve as a companion to Coffee & Tea.


    Rome biscuits description.

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